2016-17 DHSRI Roles:

Russell Heller - Co-Chair of Board

Morgan Smiley - Co-Chair of Board

Susan Wang - Co-Chair of Board

Max Goldberg - Senior Advisor to Board


Teams and Members:

Portfolio - Core team that tracks portfolio performance, periodically recommends rebalances, and produces periodic portfolio updates for the Investment Committee.

Team Leaders: Mujtaba Wani (on leave) and Susan Wang

Members: Jasper Prouvost, Russell Heller, Gabriel Malek, Adedayo Gbadamosi, Pascale Bronder, Karina Franke, Moises Escobar, William Oles, Sohail Choudhury, Taesoo D. Lee, Nicholas Strong, Teniola Lanre-Amos, Cayley Geffen


Shareholder Engagement - Team directly engages with Merck and ExxonMobil on ESG concerns through phone conversations and in person meetings like the Exxon ESG Shareholders Discussion with investor relations.  Also filed shareholder resolutions with Exxon in 2015 and 2016.

Team Leaders: Russell Heller, Morgan Smiley, and Sarah Gomez

Members: Riley Tillitt, Jasper Prouvost, Karina Franke, Gabriel Malek, Michael Mao, William Oles, Mojmir Stehlik, Christopher Moeckel


Community Investment - Team connects with Dwight Hall-affiliated nonprofits to conduct energy efficiency and solar audits with the goal of identifying potential investments and arranging financing for cost and energy saving projects.

Team Leader: Russell Heller

Members: Gabriel Malek, Pascale Bronder, Taesoo D. Lee, Cayley Geffen, Morgan Smiley, Sarah Gomez


Events/Alumni Outreach - Group that coordinates Speaker Series events like our TD College Tea with innovators from McKinsey and FCLT Global. This group will be tasked with coordinating with and soliciting any donations from alumni needed to fund the recent Merck purchase.

Team Leader: Susan Wang

Members: Gabriel Malek, Russell Heller, Zaki Bahrami, Jasper Prouvost